Healthcare Satisfaction Index (HSI) is a healthcare satisfaction system that is designed to meet the needs of healthcare providers looking for greater flexibility and internal control in their patient, employee and physician satisfaction activities. In HSI, you are able to build your own customized surveys, swap out questions as opportunities to gain new information present, cost-effectively print written tools, enter your data real-time, benchmark key measures of patient satisfaction and retrieve customized reports when it is convenient for you. It allows a provider to manage and monitor all satisfaction activities for internal and external customers within one integrated system.

When the patient experience is concluded and the perception of improved health or harm exists, the sense of let down and violation that evolves can be very damaging. This damage can be profound and far reaching when the outcome is harm as it involves a serious violation of a special trust. Once trust is damaged, it requires significant effort to fix it and in some cases is irreparable. An effective patient satisfaction system allows for the timely identification of negative perceptions that may have not come to light during the patient/provider encounter.

Building customized surveys and reports to better understand patient perception and respond to those perceptions in a timely manner is as easy as a few simple keystrokes. To change or add questions over time, it is as easy as adding or removing checkmarks. This tool makes it easy to create special surveys for special functions such as health fairs and specialty services. Report generation is as easy as picking the characteristics of interest and clicking generate.