Ten Commandments of Patient Care

Commandment One

The Patient is the most important person in our healthcare organization. The Patient is the reason we exist.

Commandment Two

The Patient is not dependent on us - we are dependent on the Patient.

Commandment Three

The Patientis not an interruption of our work, but the purpose of it.

Commandment Four

The Patient should not feel honored that we choose to serve. The Patient honors us by choosing us as his or her preferred provider.

Commandment Five

The Patient is not an outsider who must yield to our world, but is our most important guest whose needs drive the way we deliver care.

Commandment Six

The Patient is not a cold volume statistic, but flesh and blood: a human with feelings and emotions like our own. The Patient is deserving of our caring, compassion and concern.

Commandment Seven

The Patient is not someone to argue with, belittle, or match wits with. The Patient should never doubt our diligence in reaching for best practice.

Commandment Eight

The Patient is the one who brings us his wants and needs. The Patient is worthy of our attention to the details that differentiate the right choices from the easy choices.

Commandment Nine

The Patient is deserving of the most courteous and attentive care we can provide where our first and most important responsibility is to honor the oldest rule in the patient/provider relationship - to first do no harm.

Commandment Ten

The Patient has the right to expect a healthcare provider to present with a professional, competent and caring behavior. At the heart of a great patient/provider relationship is the Patient's decision to trust and believe.